Thursday, March 24, 2005

Can you think on your feet?

March 24

When I heard NPR’s radio interview with school safety expert Kenneth Trump, I wasn’t struck by the connection other bloggers noticed between school safety issues and standardized testing. Perhaps his verbal comments seemed more subtle than the print versions. (
Click here to check it out.)

To me, Trump made it clear that in the competition for the finite resources of time and money, academics are taking priority over school safety issues. (Imagine that!!) In this interview, no causal relationship was stated, but I guess one might think it was implied.

But this is what got to me! Trump said that what does need to change is the way teachers and school personnel react to emergency situations. Like law enforcement, the military and emergency services personnel, teachers need to learn to “think on their feet” during chaotic, dangerous situations.

HA! Trump has obviously never been in my ED (emotional disabilities) classroom during an angry child’s meltdown!!

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