Thursday, July 14, 2005

Let's Happy Dance

The Education Wonk reports on a principal who celebrates the hiring of a qualified, kid-centered teacher- WHO IS ALSO MALE- by doing a Happy Dance I nodded hard in agreement when I read his post! Not only could I “feel” the joy of finding a male elementary teacher, I understood the Happy Dance reference.

The chance to do my own version of the Happy Dance is what keeps me going when, by all rights, I should be pulling my hair out. Happy Dance moments are the sustenance of life.

You know what I’m talking about.

Snow days.
Sunshine after 3 days of rain. (We can finally go outside for recess.)
The smell of a newly opened box of crayons can get me going on a good day.

How about the moment you realize the kid who drove you crazy yesterday is absent today? Bliss. (Ahem. Followed immediately, of course, by concern for the child’s health.)

The first time I see my intern handle a child’s tantrum with finesse….

Finding a note from one of my students: “I lov yu Mrs. Rs.”

The last day of school …
The first day of school….

Only 7 weeks to go.
Here’s to the restorative power of the Happy Dance! Boogie on!

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