Monday, October 03, 2005

Could I Even Dare To Hope....?

It looks like... maybe... folks are ready to give care and thought to the decision about placing my current student's younger sibling. Today the general ed side implemented a behavior plan for her separate from our classroom, and tomorrow a local screening committee meeting will address many of the relevant issues. Administrators are investigating the various programs available at nearby schools, and I was allowed to meet for 45 minutes with the school psych to discuss the implications of her placement on my current student, her brother.

Everything is in place to foster a close consideration of the alternatives, those that are easy/convenient and those that are more complicated.

Thank God.

I still wonder if I am being played. All this preparation and signs of advocacy... But is it all for show? Will none of this really matter in the long run? Could her placement be a foregone conclusion? Does it really matter to the powers-that-be that moving my current kid up to an older age/grade group is absolutely inappropriate to meet his needs?

I continue to worry, but hope lives on.
More later.


Anonymous said...
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Amerloc said...

I hope, I pray. That for your sake (to a small extent), and for the student's sake, things shake out the way you feel they should.

From what you've said, it feels right this millions of nano-seconds away.

And of course, you're absolutely right to worry - it could well happen that the transportation budget overrules common (and un-common) sense.

But, according to the rules that carried me through three decades in the classroom, sleep tonight, worry tomorrow?

Fred said...

I would worry, too. It'll be interesting to see how things work out.