Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome to our new kid!!

What does our new little cutie, an evacuee from Mississippi, bring to our class community?

Super manners!! Yes, Mam. No, Mam. Please Mam, shut the fuck up.

Insights into new cuisine!! We catch our own rabbits and cook ‘em up good!

Appreciation for the slow southern lifestyle!! I’m not doing any more work!! You can’t make me!

He’s been through a lot, and it took awhile to get him to our special program ---even though he came from a self contained, emotional disabilities program in Mississippi. His general ed teacher must have been wild with frustration as he had to stay there for several weeks before he got cleared to come here.

Another newbie arrives on Wednesday….. yikes, that’s tomorrow!! More to come!


GuusjeM said...

We have Katrina Evacuees..and OMG, we have no clue what the New Orleans schools did - but sure know what they didn't do. Even the special ed kids are low. What's so said is that it's the kids that have been cheated.

Casey said...

And I thought it only happened to me!