Thursday, December 22, 2005

All I Want For Xmas Is....

a good, uninterrupted 2 hour afternoon nap!! Heaven on earth!

Highlights of the week:

Making gingerbread houses with the kids.... milk cartons, graham crackers, and lots and lots of icing and candies!

Seeing the Polar Express with all the kids in our program. I still hear the bell?
Do you?

Dodging a metal chair as it soared through the air at me. The second time I wasn't as quick to move, and the welt/bruise on my arm is tender... but it's bright red color is quite festive!

Seeing one of my IA's face beam when she opened her Xmas gift from me: a blue faux croco leather watch. She never knows when to come in from outside recess, and now that problem is solved!!

Reading aloud the Twelve Days of Christmas, Arthur's Christmas, The Polar Express, and the Nutcracker Ballet to my tradition-starved class. We whisper/sang carols in the lunchroom today, and hummed JingleBells in line on the way back to the classroom!! Very subversive.

Exchanging sweets, pretty cards, and lovely sentiments with my dear friends and colleagues. It is a great time to show appreciation for everyone's support.

Joking around with the kids that I'll see them NEXT YEAR!!!

Finally, counting my blessings, one of which is the opportunity to blog and "meet" other bloggsers. Thank YOU blogging friends!


Fred said...

Have a Merry Christmas and a great holiday weekend, Mrs. Ris. And, thank you!

GuusjeM said...

Of course I hear the bell! I read that one out loud every year to all the kids at my school and we pass around a Harmony bell.

Have a joyus break - you've earned it!

Mamacita said...

Merry Christmas! Our son used to live in our basement, too, till one semester when he 'forgot' to sign up for classes and we evicted him. But then, we've always been the least cool parents on the block. Surprisingly, he found an apartment and is doing pretty well on his own.

(I'm not fooling anyone, am I. My heart broke when we had to kick him out. . . . .)