Friday, March 10, 2006

You've Been Wondering About the Mystery Clues? Of Course You Have!!

It was in the 70's during the day-- break out the suncreen, we're FEELING HOT!

We sure felt like SOUTHERN BELLES as we competed against teams from CA, Utah, NY...

That FAMOUS MOUSE, Mickey, greeted us with open arms each day we headed off to the Disney parks!

It was Nationals, an invitational dance team competition that took my attention away for awhile there.

It took 2 days to plan for my 3 days of absence from school, then 3 more days to get back into the swing of things once we did get back.... and now I'm just too exhausted to do any critical thinking or witty reporting.

Just know we learned the value of "having the experience"... ahem, we didn't exactly bowl the judges over. But we did have fun!!

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EdWonk said...

Grew-up in Central Florida. Went to Disneyworld countless times in the '70s and early 80s.

With the WifeWonk and TeenWonk, returned for the first time since '87 last year.

There sure has been some changes!

When I was a kid, there were never any lines in High Summer. Did I learn a quick and hot lesson.