Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The best part of my day....

You may be asking yourself, hmmm, I wonder which part of her day Mrs. Ris likes the best...?

My favorite "kid time"? Our daily morning meeting often reminds me of the old Art Linkletter schtick-"Kids say the darndest things..." Over the years I have heard about digestive issues ("My poop was yellow, Mrs. Ris!"), love triangles ("My daddy kissed the babysitter.") and various other tidbits and tall tales. ("We went to Disney World last night!") It's mostly a good time, a time when kids compliment and laugh and support each other. Yep, morning meeting has been a real source of fun over these last years!

My favorite "learning time"? Our afternoon math workshop. We break into small groups, and start with something fun: a quick learning game, thinking puzzle, or math storybook. Then we practice some problem solving strategies, using manipulatives as appropriate, and talking-talking-talking about how we are thinking these ideas through. Then we do some paper and pencil practice. It's focused and generally immensely satisfying.

Mostly, I love the look on the kids' little faces when understanding is sparked.

Gen ed or special ed...." the look" is one of the best parts of teaching.


Tavus said...

I have done some teaching (not a lot), but I agree with you. 'the look' makes your day and motivates you to go back the next day. that's why i'm studying to be a teacher!

Mike@ahamoment.com said...

Wow, you really have a wonderful perspective. The world could use a whole lot more teachers like you.
And if I may I'd like to add a quick note of my own, plus a link to a video. It's a story by Joseph about how he observed a group of kids and suddenly realized that one of them could be the "next Einstein". He decided right then and there to use his talents to help inspire kids.
Great story. Here's the link, hope you enjoy it.

learn quran said...

Good idea!Thanks for sharing.