Friday, April 08, 2005

Change IS Good

For those of you who have wondered how the transition meeting went.... (hope no one lost sleep over it. HA!!):

Meeting Update: We started the meeting by reviewing a premise we accepted as a group at the beginning of the year: Great teams work together to solve their problems without relying on others to solve them for us. We believe that with honest and caring discussion we can face the challenges and controversies with professionalism... and effectively.

That said, we managed to work through some issues of scheduling and access to our new AP. We started by looking at the list of concerns a transition group put together in 2002-- and found that in every case, our initial concern was taken care of!!! None of the major headaches we predicted had come to fruition!! That knowledge made all the "problems" we've seen this year seem pretty petty. Amazing what perspective can do for you!!

Yes, the transition is going well. There is no denying.

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