Monday, September 05, 2005

The Obligatory Night Before School Starts...

Twas the night before school's start,
in her head, in her home,
the teacher was worried
about the unknown.

The kids and their parents
might drive her to drink.
And what of the testing:
What will the state think?

Will they pass all the subtests?
Will they get AYP?
Will the children be able
to test ably?

And what of the content?
Will they love all they learn?
Will her strategies reach them?
For what will they yearn?

For stories of heroes?
For time with their friends?
For grades to uplift them?
A means to an end?

The teacher she rolled on her side,
breathed in deep;
She prayed that she'd pass in the night, in her sleep.

No, no.. that's not it. Too depressing...

She prayed for a year with rewards they could reap....

1 comment:

Fred said...

Hopefully, tomorrow you'll dream about the last day of class to see how it all went.