Wednesday, September 07, 2005

They are making a place in my heart.....

Already, I can feel the tug on my heart as the kids make themselves at home there. Darlene is beyond proud of herself as she compares her behavior last year with the "grown up choices" she's been making here this week. When that annoying little Todd shot her with water from the fawcet, we saw Darlene take a deep breath, move her hands slowly from shoulder level down to her side, close her eyes, and visibly relax....A real centering moment. She turned and made eye contact with me, then stepped away.


Such a big big step!!

Last year she would have been in that kid's face, spouting threats in her most aggressive ghetto-talk! She would have been riled up for a long, long time, making her completely unavailable for the next lesson or two.

Boy, she has come a long way. Let's hope it's not just "honeymoon" behavior.

For now, we'll enjoy the ride, and commit to building the relationship we're going to need if she starts to cycle down again.

On another note, we are making use of interactive notebooks this year, even at this very young level. We are creating SOL (VA's state tests) related graphic organizers that give the kids lots of opportunity to draw their ideas about the vocabulary we are learning. These visual representations are meant to strengthen the connection kids' make to help them retain the new information. It's certainly an organized way to present and store material. So far, I'm liking it. (It's DAY TWO.)

Day Two. Here's to a fabulous Day Three!!

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Fred said...

Nice to hear you're using the interactive notebooks. I use them in my world history classes; it really helps most of the students keep everything in good order.

Woo hoo for DAY TWO!