Thursday, August 31, 2006

The sunny side of life....

Some bright spots in the day:

The tile workers worked very very efficiently and got done ahead of schedule. And they were cute!

One of the workers (an outside contractor) gave us some of the left over material for use in another room, and even came in to help install it properly. Such kindness.

I was able to use my sometimes too assertive personality for good rather than evil today! When one of my colleagues felt overwhelmed by the placement of a highly disabled child in her general education class, I helped get her what she needed to feel settled. It was a good moment, but also very revealing. No wonder gen ed teachers get frantic when they face the prospect of having complicated spec ed kids in their class.

Our team of ED teachers are teasing, joking, razzing each other rather freely. It's a good sign.

One out of my 5 students came for Open House. I was worried none would show.

Truly, this year is starting with a happy, positive vibe. I'll continue to appreciate any bright spot in my day, and hold on for an even better tomorrow. Even though, as Rosanne Rosannadanna says "It's always something!", I plan to look on the bright side of anything that comes my way.

At least for now.

We'll see how I feel come late September.....

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