Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How will I ever catch up?

Boxes yet to unpack... files to refresh..... supplies to label and store....

Oh, and make sure each day is tantalizingly planned for....

This is my challenge. At 3:20 when the busses pull away, I am happily exhausted, and intend, with every last bit of energy, to catch-up.

I start with my lessons, because they deserve my best attention. By 4:45, I can't muster the wherewithall to do anything more, so things go undone. Until I get back here tomorrow morning at 7am and start all over.

Experience tells me it all will eventually get done. The little naggy voice inside of me complains about laziness and disorganization. I shrug, and choose to head home for my pre-dinner nap.

Sweet dreams.

1 comment:

JohnL said...

Oh, how I remember those mornings when I would leave home before 7 AM and not return 'till dinner....Oh, it seems like yesterday.

Or today! Yep. I got home at 6:05 PM today. And, what am I doing now,but ducking work to send you a confirmation about what a job teaching is.

It's good the rewards are so great, hunh? Teehee.