Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Rose Colored Glasses.....

Well, THAT dark mood is gone (see previous post)....thank goodness.

Today I enjoyed a much more constructive mood, the kind of positivity that makes some folks wretch. I mean, I sometimes get flack for being TOO optimistic. Once, years ago, a woman I worked with actually glared at me one afternoon, then cursed at me for greeting her warmly as she returned from her lunch break. "I should only have to say hello nicely to you once a day! No need for all this smiling. What are you so happy about anyway??!!"

An IA I worked with a few years ago, an avowed morning hater, often snarled at me as I prepared for the day WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE!!

I can't help it. The prospect of meeting each of my kiddies every morning makes me happy. I have the gift of a "short memory", so I never really hold a grudge or swim around in my worry. Every day is another opportunity for a miracle.

Sometimes, that miracle is just making it through the day. And I'm okay with that.

But today, as four of us were leaving the building at day's end, we nearly growled our goodbyes at each other. That's what being emotionally depleted and physically exhausted will do to you.

Thank goodness we had 15 hours to get refreshed and ready for our next happy day together.


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Joe said...

Love, humor and optimism are amazingly effective assets to a teacher's practice. But they can get under the skin of teachers who are worn down by the challenges they face. I've always tried to be respectful of that. However, sometimes you are just going to rub people wrong.
I was once walking down the hall, whistling lightly, saw a colleague, with whom I had a good relation, leaning against the wall looking about ready to cry. I asked if I could help her in some way..."Why?" she snarled. "Do you think you have all the answers? What makes you think I need help or that YOU could give me any if I needed it!"

I stammered something about no offense being intended and always being ready to talk, and beat a hasty retreat. Sometimes people just need to wallow.