Sunday, June 19, 2005

5 Days and Counting

I'm feeling alittle whiney about going back to school tomorrow. You'd think with less than 5 full days left, I'd be in better spirits, but I'm not. You all know what is there waiting for me back in the classroom:

Lists of mindless clerical tasks that must be completed and then checked off by a monitor before I can leave. Feels like I am 10 again.

Piles of unorganized papers that need to be sorted and put away mindfully for use next year. This one is all my fault. I am a "stacker", and when the year ends, I am stuck with stacks to deal with.

Bulletin boards, art displays, book shelves, storage closets, art supply depots, under cabinet storage....damn, there is a lot to get in order before Friday.

And mostly...highly strung, anxious, excitable kids chomping at the bit to get out of class each day and head for the neighborhood pool. And grumpy kids who stay up too late all week because their folks are already in the summer spirit (but can you blame them?)

Not to mention the highly strung, anxious, excitable, grumpy teachers who likewise can't wait for the day/week/year to end.

On that note, I'm off to finish my weekly plans. Please, Lord, let it go by smoothly and ...............FAST!!

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