Friday, June 17, 2005


This has been a year of sweeping change… 6 Things I have learned because of it:

1. Change can rock you to the sad, lonely core of your heart.

2. It’s better to look forward to what new, fun things might be in store, rather than ruminate in that sad, lonely core.

3. Making yourself a list of new, fun things can be quite helpful, especially when the sad, lonely core of your heart wants to block out any possibility that things will be okay again soon.

4. Dealing with change gives you a wonderful excuse to be “good” to yourself. (I’m eating better, lost alittle weight, and nap when I feel like it! “Cuz I deserve it!”)

5. The kindness and commitment of those who bring/execute/support change directly affects the ease with which change is accepted. (Thanx Melis!)

6. Change has brought me:
Back to daily prayer and meditation (I almost wrote MEDICATION!!)
A new, cool teaching easel
A new pal to laugh with
An opportunity for peer mentoring (which I love)
A new group of grade level team mates who seem to really like me, and dammit, I really like and admire them!

All, in all, it’s been a decent transition. I am already looking forward to next school year, and that’s a good sign.

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