Saturday, June 18, 2005

Looking Ahead Before The Door Closes On 2004-05

A few days have passed since my rant about the many things over which teachers have no control …. I have calmed considerably. And after a pretty decent week, I am feeling a bit more empowered, so here is the list of some of my TO DO’s for school year 05-06:

1. Re-arrange my classroom. One of the great pleasures of being a classroom teacher is the chance to play interior designer and organize a space for efficiency and comfort. I’d re-arrange a few times a year if it wasn’t so disruptive to my kids who need consistency and predictability.

2. Reduce my outside committee work to 2. The goal is to reflect both my interests and the specific needs of the school/my students. Right now I am pulled a bit too thin, and I’m not particularly effective in any capacity.

3. Prepare more carefully for our special education PLC meetings. (I started out great this year, but got alittle lazy as the year wore on.)

4. Re-organize my language arts block to include additional reading/writing time. No one can argue against the need to fully address my students’ many deficits: increasing time and opportunity for learning is a good first step.

5. Use chart poems and morning messages more effectively. I usually have the kids’ full attention during circle time, and I want to take advantage of this with better instruction.

6. Leave for work 10 minutes earlier. I love being at work during the first slow sizzle of a new day.

7. Keep my desk ALITTLE less cluttered. (But I’m realistic… it will never be NEAT.)

8. Be more prolific in my written and verbal praise for my intern’s good work. Sometimes I get so involved in the day-to-day, it’s easy to concentrate on skill sets and reflective practice and instructional planning…and I let the opportunities for celebration pass. No more.

9. Call parents more often for both good and bad news. I have to get over this fear.

10. Just accept that some things are meant to be different, and that’s life.

In addition, I will

Buy a new pillow to soothe my sore neck
Vow to eat a healthier lunch 3 days a week
Take the time to call my husband during my lunch break…. Just to feel hugged in the middle of the day.

Okay, now I am ready for summer. Bring on the fun: reading-for-pleasure, gardening-for-stress relief, and cooking-to-nurture-my-family.

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