Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bad day, bad attitude

Too tired tonight to really delve into the day's events. It could be the late hour, or the fact I still have a bunch of packing and prep activities to do for our weekend trip up north.... or it could be that training an hour and a half after regular school hours is just too damn much. Yes, it was valuable, but such a long day is hard on this old teacher's body!

Our trainer, although kind and well meaning, forgot who her audience was, and spent way too much time talking about stuff we already knew. I'm not as patient with that kind of stuff anymore. When someone I don't know wants to illuminate me on the value of finding the function of a behavior....well, it just hit me the wrong way. My colleagues will probably say the message was good for some of the rest of us to hear. I will find patience over the weekend and come back to school on Monday with a better attitude... I promise. For now, I'm just a little put out.

There's more stuff too, but I don't want to say something I'll regret later. Just let me relax and have a lovely weekend with my extended family and my son the graduate!

High stress levels = loss of a sense of joy, excitement. Yikes, this job can be a real pain.

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