Monday, May 02, 2005

Connect the dots.....

Another report of police handcuffing an out of control child… and this child WAS a threat to others around him. At least the three teachers he is charged with assaulting and the police officer with a bruised groin probably think so.

The seven year old’s mother said he was not a “wild man”, but a “sweet little boy”. My experience is that some very wildly out of control children can, indeed, be very sweet too. It’s not mutually exclusive. Again, the police and the teachers were dealing with the aggressive side of the little boy. You have to deal with what is presented to you. Especially if you have not had time to develop a relationship with the child. This was the kid’s first day, after all.

The child was pulled from a specialized, self-contained, individualized setting and was thrust into a general education environment….by the mother who was apparently unhappy with the level of care given by the father.

“Torres said Adam's outburst probably stems from an abrupt change of environment. His mother transferred him to Fall River from Dorchester's Trotter Elementary School, where he had been one of five students in a class receiving specialized care.

Bernier said she abruptly enrolled Adam at the Coughlin School because the boy's father missed 19 of his last 24 counseling appointments and failed to address a tic that his ADHD medication created. "

This sounds like a mother’s revenge against the father gone wrong. And someone is going to pay. I bet it’s not the parents.

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