Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm Baaacckkk!

I’m returning to work tomorrow after a week away. While my intern aced her week of independence, I busied myself with mentoring projects (including helping a colleague make her classroom more ADHD friendly), and observing kids for our school-wide behavior team.

I admit it felt great at first, doing something that had a totally different rhythm. I didn’t have to rush into school each day, or stay late to plan. When I dressed in the morning, I could choose something a little dressier. I went to the restroom whe I wanted, and enjoyed a cup of hot team mid morning. I checked my email without feeling guilty, and I left school without a vibrating puzzle of ideas and emotions whirring in my head.

But by mid week I was missing the smiles and the questions, and frankly, the ACTION. So tomorrow, when one of the little darlings jettisons into a spectacular meltdown, I will think fondly of the quiet work I left behind, and thank God I’m where I’m meant to be.

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Clarence Fisher said...

Isn't it interesting how we yearn to get away, to do something different, and then desperately crave the need to be back in the action....!

I wonder what this says about us?