Monday, May 23, 2005

Yoda says, "The fear of loss is the path to the dark side..."

With great love in my heart, I greeted the kids this a.m., and the good feeling lasted for at least the first 20 mintues! When Karl threw his pencil across the room because the tip broke, I braced myself for the same old same old! No really, it felt great being “back in the saddle again”.

During Morning Meeting, the first kid Rafe started off with his greeting to the group: “Bonjour.” (We are quite the elegant group!)
Then he identified that he was feeling “sleepy”.
Then he was to fill us in on a “happening” in his life. He said in his most concerned, serious voice, “I saw Star Wars.”
The other kids went wild..”Wow! “ “Was it cool?” “My mom won’t take me!!” “You lucky!!” (Remember, my kids are 6,7 and 8.)

But Rafe hunched over all the more, and with a heavy heart whispered, “I hated it.”

“YOU HATED IT? OH MY GOD! Why?” the others screamed in unison.

And Rafe looked each kid in the eye, gulped, and took a deep breath. “You won’t believe it,” he said.” But Anakin turns … into….DARTH VADER.”

The other kids start yelling and laughing and screaming louder, and Karl yells out “Whoa, man! Don’t ruin it for the rest of us!!”

“I’m done talking,” Rafe mutters. “It was just awful.”

Just goes to show you…you just never know what effect a “complex tale (of) how ambition can twin with obsession and twist toward the dark side”* will have on an impressionable, anxiety-driven child.
*Time Magazine, May 9, 2005

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Clarence Fisher said...

This winter we have had great disucssions with our 5 year old every night at bedtime about "mice." He was scared of them and wanted ot know how they get into a house. Eventually, we discovered that he had heard my wife and I discussing a "lice" problem at our school!

Context and perspective from their point of view is everything!